Students receive pins for EKG/CMA certification


The newly certified students posing on stage after receiving their papers

Daniel Botello, Staff Wrtier

With dual credit and other Del Mar College courses coming to an end, the students learning EKG, CMA, and other medical trades were officially certified last night in the auditorium.

“It was very time consuming to not only study but also take the test,” Junior Eva Garza said.

The courses were similar to normal dual credit courses. Each student completed two college semesters throughout their normal high school year and visited the campus to receive hands on training and other special instruction.

”It was fun but it had it’s challenges as well, I think taking this class helped with Ana ton because I knew a lot of the stuff,” Garza said.

Aside from learning on the college campus, the students also learned most of their instruction from Mrs. De la Garza and Mrs. Castaneda here on campus. They practiced on dummies as well as each other to get a feel for how the work will be on a real person.

”They tested on human subjects, the labs were executed by their fellow classmates they learned how to introduce themselves to each other, verify physician orders, and perform EKGs on each other,” teacher Vanessa Castaneda said.

Along with this instruction, the instructors of the EKG/CMA classes so facilitated a 100% pass rate, meaning that every student in the CMA/EKG course received certification.

”Having a 100% pass rate is great and wonderful but the life lessons that are taught throughout the year is what I want these students to take into their adult life,” Castaneda said.

With this certification, the students are now able to go into college already certified in EKG and CMA. They will also be able to work for medical offices as EKG and CMA specialists.

“When I graduate, I want to be a pediatric registered nurse by using the knowledge I have because some nurses don’t practice nursing until their 20s and I’ve been doing it since my freshman year” junior Ariana Hernandez said.