Yearbooks on sale now!

Daniel Botello, Staff writer

As the school year comes to an end the yearbook team has finished their yearlong project yet again.

After an eventful 2023 school year full of pep rallies and school spirit the eighth edition of “The Patriot” has been completed. Entitled “These Days”, the yearbook follows a scrapbook style theme that leaves people with a nostalgic and sentimental feeling while they flip through the pages.

However, at $80, the yearbook may be a bit of a surprise for what is plainly a book full of pictures. The buying process was also a bit of a hassle. To buy this years’ yearbook, buyers have to go onto the Balfour website and type in the school’s name which doesn’t seem so bad at first. But scrolling for hours trying to find Veterans Memorial High School Corpus Christi TX will become an annoyance very quickly.

However, annoying websites and high prices aside the yearbook is and will always be the highlight of the school year. The team that put the book together definitely took their time and put all of their effort into it. The book is definitely geared towards sentimental people who like to look back on what they did during the year and it shows. So if you aren’t a sentimental person, the yearbook is probably not worth the money for you. But if you like to look back on the year and want to have something to show your grandchildren in 50 years. This yearbook more than ever, is the perfect one to buy.