Seniors to take last walk of the halls

As the school year comes to a rapid end with only two more weeks left of the school year, the senior of the 2022-23 school year are preparing for their graduation ceremonies. Including taking their final walks through the halls as highschool students.

“There’s 10 senior walks at elementary and middle schools along with the final senior walk of the halls,” senior Shelby Szepessy said.

This walk marks a sentimental time for the students, as it shows their transition from highschool to adulthood.

“Thinking about it, it’s a sigh of relief because I’m done with high school but at the same time it is sad because it’s my last time at the school,” Szepessy said.

The walk also has a sentimental place in the hearts of both the parents and teachers of the seniors. As they get to watch their kids make the leap into adulthood.

“I think its really beautiful because seeing the kids I taught during covid is nice and it feels like they’ve come full circle and I’m excited for their future,” teacher Sarah Brown said.

The walk will take place on May 23 during fifth period, see Ms Hagen for more details.