Student advances to State UIL Journalism Competition


The competitors of the UIL journalism regional competition

Daniel Botello, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a screeching halt, spring UIL competitions are starting to take place. One of which was the UIL Academics competition, specifically journalism. Students from 5A schools around the state gathered at the University of Texas at San Antonio to compete in the UIL regional academics competition.

”We took off the night before, stayed in a hotel, and then the next morning we went to the competition at UTSA,” winner Mia Perez said. “My journalism team and i competed in different competitions provided by UIL academics. I personally did three and advanced in one. That was editorial writing.”

Out of the eight students who went to represent VMHS, only one student reporter advanced to the UIL State Academics competition.

”I was a little shocked because the last competition I did I felt was my weakest, but it ended up being the competition I placed in,” Perez said. “I went over my submission with my instructor, Ms. Carlson, and the girls on my team right after time was called. I noticed so many mistakes, so was sure I wasn’t going to place. I guess the judges didn’t think it was so flawed after all, because I placed.”

Mia Perez, editor in chief of the school newspaper advanced to the state competition after placing third in the editorial writing competition.

“I’ve been competing in UIL journalism since I was a sophomore, so I’d say advancing to state is a good way to end my senior year,” she said.  “Even if I don’t place there, I’m proud of myself and my whole team, satisfied with the experiences I’ve had, and I’m looking forward to having one more.”

The state competition will be held at the University of Texas at Austin, and the winner will be given points for all state journalism, and given a chance to apply for the TILF scholarship.