Teachers end professional development with fun activities


Teachers getting ready to search the campus for Easter Eggs.

Daniel Botello, Staff writer

Last week, the teachers and staff of the school had their annual Professional Development here on campus. Professional Development is a way for teachers to collaborate and share their ideas in an effort to become better educators.

“It’s a way for our administration to communicate any new procedures or new information from the district or our school,” English teacher Sonya Acuña said.

The development took place over the Easter holiday break and students worked together to make this months PD extra special. The cheerleaders for instance, banded together and served breakfast to all of the teachers when they walked on campus.

Cheerleaders serving teachers and staff as they walk into Professional Development.

“I thought it was nice to have the girls be the first face we see when we walk in, it just reinforces that the kids appreciate us and the breakfast they provided just reinforced that even further,” Acuña said.

Additionally, on their last day of development, the teachers and staff finished their development with an Easter egg hunt. Staff members laid out eggs throughout the campus and sent teachers on a mission to find them.

“It was a good way to kind of relieve pressure and take the edge off of the work day,” Acuña said. “It was a good way to interact with my coworkers and the prizes were reinforcement that we do a good job and we’re appreciated and it was overall a good way to start off the vacation.”

Foreign language teachers working together to find Easter eggs.