A student piecing their teacher to help raise money to cure kids cancer.

TOKC holds Pie a Teacher fundraiser

April 14, 2023

To raise funds to help cure childhood cancer, the TOKC club is holding their annual Pie a Teacher fundraiser.

” Triumph over kid cancer is a nonprofit foundation that raises money for pediatric cancer research,” president Zara Borkowski said “They have a bunch of different chapters at local high schools and middle schools so our chapter this year and last year decided to do a pie down cancer to raise money for pediatric cancer research so what we basically did is all students pay for a pie two pi down their teachers and all proceeds. Went to pediatric cancer research,”

Students can buy up to 10 pies to push into a teacher of their choosing. The funds go directly to a childhood cancer organization.

” As a participant of the pie down event for the past two years, I was privileged to be asked by the president of the TOKC, chapter of Veterans Memorial High School,” volunteer Aaron Lugo said.

The teachers who participated were Mrs Maza, Mr Lugo, Mrs Brown, Mr Chronosinski, Mr Richards, Ms Ritchie, Mr Uptergrove,  and much more.

“It felt good to participate in this event because I knew we were helping raise money for pediatric cancer research,” Lugo said. “Being a participant for the past couple years inspired me to do my own research on pediatric cancer and helped me understand what I can do to help in the future.”

The fundraiser was held in school during Power Hour A-shift on March, 29-30. Students could buy their pies online or at the fundraiser itself.

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