Students get signed to Sam Houston University football team


Daniel Botello, Staff writer

After an eventful football season, seniors Joshua and Jaredh Frayre have been signed by Sam Houston State University to play in their division I FBS football team.

“It feels good because its always been a dream to play together,” Joshua said.

The two seniors are former students of Kaffie Middle School. Combined, they played a total of 18 playoff games for CCISD.

“It feels good because I’ve known these coaches for an long time now and they’ve built us into the people we are now,” Joshua said.

The players will start their season with SHU when they start their freshman year of college. They will strictly practice and train for a majority of the year. They will be able to compete with the actual team in their later years as upperclassmen.

“In August we’ll go to fall camp where we train, do workouts, and eat for two weeks before school starts.”

While playing for the university, they will have a chance to get recognized and recruited to a team for the NFL in their later years.

”its like a dream come true because ewe’s always dreamt of playing for the NFL,” Jaredh said.