Eco Eagles make “Heart O Grams” for students


A valentines gram card you are able to purchase for your friend

Daniel Botello, Staff Writer

As we jump in to the new month of February, people all over the campus are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. Including the Eco Eagles club.

“We’re setting up a valentines gram where we give out a rose and yogurt covered pretzels from the person who bought it during their fifth period class,” said historian Arielle Timtiman

In an effort to help spread school spirit and make people feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day, the Eco Eagles club made is selling cards that people can buy during power hour. The person can put in a custom message and then the Eco eagles will deliver it to the recipient along with the gifts.

“We’re doing this to fundraiser for our plant wall on the Lipes entrance, and to replant the garden out front during spring,” Timtiman said

The Valentines Grams will only be for sale for a limited time, the deadline is February 10.

“If we have extras we might sell on Monday as well, we will hand them out on Valentine’s Day,” Timtiman said.