Graphic Design Practicum Students Cultivate Creative Spirit on Campus


Graphic design students Nathaniel Degregorio (12), Loggan Herrera (12), Jordan Glover (12) and Conner Riley (12) stand in front of a hallway monitor. | Photo by Piper Carlson.

Mia Perez, Editor

For the past several years, campus monitors have provided the student body with important announcements such as college due dates, power hour event schedules, and sport scoring. However, with the encouragement and guidance of graphic design practicum, students are able to be more involved than ever before.

“There is always a learning curve when you teach a class for the first time, but overall I think the students have learned a great deal and have really improved their skills in both creating video content and in their social skills,” graphic design instructor Piper Carlson said. “Seeing their work on the hallway monitors is really rewarding and I feel like they are helping inform the student body about what’s going on at the school and recognizing student achievements.”

Students themselves film, edit, and upload most everything displayed to the campus.

“The process is pretty time consuming, you have to get a lot of shots,” Jordan Glover said. “You learn as you go. When I first got in this class, it was going through the basics. As you go, you start to pick up new things and you start to have a feel for it. You become more creative, learn new things, and you will have your own ideas about the content you want to put out.”

Glover also notes that content created in class is not bound by this campus alone and can benefit students further than self-expression. 

“Throughout this class I worked on so many videos and photo projects. If I want to pursue photography, editing, or graphics in college, I have an E-folder with all of my material and work.” he says.

Graphic design practicum is currently a small class of dedicated seniors, however, the attention from these slides undoubtedly expresses the importance of involvement. With that, the seniors stress it is in the best interest of the campus that underclassmen pick off where these seniors took off and cultivate school pride in a more hands-on way. 

“Having to go out and record gets you involved more,” Logan Herrera said. “You become more prepared; the skill can be used for other things.”