Baseball Team Plays During Off-Season


Mia Perez, Editor

For many athletes, the end of a season marks the end of early practices and late night games. For team members of Twelve and Fall League, however, baseball season is year-round. 

“Our best players play select baseball,” varsity baseball coach Lee Yeager said. “If you are around good players and you are playing good players, then you are either gonna get better or you are going to get left behind — with Twelve, if our guys are playing competitively in the fall, and competitively in the summer, when they get back for spring, they will be ready for us.”

Twelve is a statewide program in which college and high school coaches offer instruction open to any player willing to pay a seasonal fee and participate in weekly organized practices.

“They’ve got teams in Katy and San Antonio — kids all over the state.” Yeager said. “It’s a good thing for the kids if they can afford to play,”

However, baseball players who aim to hone their skills on a more personal level have the alternative of a more involved coaching style. “Fall League”, a parent-led organization, focuses simply on local improvement, hosting games around the district. 

As of right now, the league is on intermission after having completed 5 weeks of competition. The organization sponsored 8 games total, 7 of which were won by VMHS players. 

“Fall Ball is helping us build relationships with our teammates; everyone who actively wants to play baseball participates,” Senior Jordan Glover said. “We need Fall League so that we can see where we’re at and not get rusty by the spring.”

Ultimately, the goal of both leagues is to prepare players for the rigor of real baseball season, ensuring that, especially for nearly graduated seniors, the 2023 baseball season will be as rewarding as it is demanding.

“I’m looking forward to advancing and beating other teams, making memories, having more opportunities, and being a leader on the team.” Glover said.