Seniors Complete Graduation Requirements


Seniors practice “Stop the Bleeding” training

Mia Perez, Editor

On October 25, seniors were required to participate in “Senior day” in which various certifications were awarded to students who were able to complete first-aid, CPR, and police interaction training. 

“We didn’t have actual classes that day, but I still feel like I learned a lot,” Senior Daniel Montejano said. “Me and my friends kind of indirectly saved lives.”

Each training was introduced with a presentation and student-interactive activities in order to ensure each student was able to mirror their training. 

“It was good because I’m a physical learner,” senior Ricky Syrre said. “Which means I’m able to remember the steps better with hands-on learning.”

The importance of the presentation lies in the safety of the community — if each student is able to take the necessary precautions to save a life, local authorities will have more time to resuscitate victims of fatal injuries. 

“I’m assuming a lot of past generations didn’t get the opportunity to learn, so it’s good we get to before graduating and moving on to college,” Syrre said. 

Each certification is required for graduation; therefore, failure to finish each training can affect graduation status. 

“It was a relief to get everything we needed to get done,” Montejano said. “I’m really looking forward to graduation.”