Teacher Profile – Green

NHHS president Maharshi Patel speaks at an NHHS meeting, to his left Mr. Green sits in audience | Photo by Stephanie Zamora

NHHS president Maharshi Patel speaks at an NHHS meeting, to his left Mr. Green sits in audience | Photo by Stephanie Zamora

Mia Perez, Editor

“If you have ever had Mr. Green as a teacher, you know he keeps it very real.” NHHS Secretary Tori Torres said.

This claim, in all of its amenity, seems to be a common belief among students on campus. 

But why?

“He will tell you how he feels about our history.” Torres said “As a student, it helps broaden your idea of what you are trying to figure out about our past and about our present and how that affects it. It helps you want to learn more; it helps you want to be engaged.”

Students previously enrolled in Green’s class share a general consensus that the main element of each taken course stuck out for its inclusivity of his raw opinion and teaching style. 

“There was a balance of a lot of independence in the curriculum,” former student and NHHS participant Kevin Canada said “I felt very free when doing the work, but at the same time, there were deadlines I had to meet. The pacing was really fast, but it was pretty smooth.”

For the primarily AP teacher, workload and lectures given are not only blunt in honesty but preparatory to the pace of real college courses. 

“Whenever I would have to study for a big test, all of the notes that I would have to write down helped out pretty well,” Canada said. “I would also say the material that Mr. Green gave us helped me succeed in the AP test. I don’t think I would have ever hit that big of a score if it were not for his teaching.”

Green’s past careers in both the military and in education may provide some context as to why he is able to make an impression on students beyond high school history curriculum.

“It gave me a wide spectrum of individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds and a wide spectrum of situations,” he said. “Teaching various ages all the way up to adulthood gives you a lot to analyze and work from.”

Aside from background in other forms of education such as homeschooling and tutoring, Green sponsors the National History Honor Society.

“NHHS is a learning experience,” he said. “I have never sponsored anything like it, so it’s interesting to see how it’s done.”

Students in NHHS, much like those in his core classes, believe that a large portion of NHHS success and morale is dependent and possible only with the support and efforts of Green himself. 

“NHHS wasn’t a big club, but Mr. Green made it more known,” Torres said.