Mu Alpha Theta induction


VMHS Yearbook

Members of the Math Honors Society during a meet

Daniel Botello, Staff Writer

The new members of Mu Alpha Theta were inducted into the society on October, 19 in the teaching theatre after school.

“It was a very nice honor and privilege.” Senior Vignesh Gunaseelan said. “ I like how I can put it on my college application cause it looks really good.”

Mu Alpha Theta is the schools Math Honors Society. The organization is meant to encourage people to excel in mathematics and build peoples interest in math.

“It’s the National Honors Society for math,” Vice president Christine Infante said. “We try to show math in multiple lights so that people can appreciate it and we also do math activities.”

In the club, the members will attend math competitions, do community service hours and much more.

“We do various projects and activities related to math,” Gunaseelan said. “We have this thing that we do called UNICEF where we answer math questions and every question we get correct, there’s money that gets raised to send back to Africa.

To join, you must have an accumulative gpa of 3.5 or above, have good attendance, and have no major disciplinary issues while you’re in the club.

”You have to get 10 hours to be a standing member of the club and in order to join, you have to be a junior or a senior,” Gunaseelan said.

Mu Alpha Theta takes new members every year, and students can contact the officers or Mrs. Contreras for more information