New club hypes football fans in the stands


Stephanie Zamora

The flight crew making some noise in the stands at the VMHS Miller game.

Daniel Botello, Staff Writer

A new club has been organized to hype up football fans at the varsity games the team plays every Thursday/ Friday.

“To have a good football game you have to have a good student section, that’s what hypes up the crowd, hypes up the game, hypes up the players, and that’s what makes a good Friday night football game,” Szepssey said.

The organization is called Flight Crew, it was founded by senior Shelby Szepessy as a way to encourage football fans to cheer on the football team and encourage people to go to the games.

“It’s super fun seeing people participating and cheering on the football team,” Szepssey said. “It feels like a fever dream.”

The club gets it’s own section in the stands at every football game where the club participants dance with cheerleaders, yell chants, and sing songs along with the band and a speaker system they bring to play music.

“We cheer on the football, cheer, band, say chants, do the wave, do the rollercoaster, and just hype up the crowd,” Szepessy said.

Flight club is always open for new members, and anyone can join.

“Anyone and everyone who goes to football games that wants to support can join,” Szepssey said.