Theatre Department to Showcase “The Night of the Macabre”


2022 Fall show – Help Desk | Photo by Piper Carlson

Mia Perez, Editor

For the first time since the production of Shipwrecked: The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont, the theater department will be working with a full cast again in presenting the annual fall show, Night of the Macabre, from October 27-28.

“This is a lot of thespians’ first show at vets, so I’m excited to see what they can get out of it,” thespian Anneliese Brashears said. “It’s always very exciting when you get to present something you have been working really hard on and be able to see other people’s reactions to it.”

According to theater director Laurel Brashears, the Night of the Macabrewill follow a group of local high school students in their venture to a questionably haunted gothic horror story-themed wax museum.

“It’s creepy, spooky, and has just the right amount of delicious fear as we head into the Halloween season,” she said.

Unlike most theater productions, The Night of the Macabre will feature a different ending each performing night due to a need to cut down the original length of the show.

“Having the two endings gives a more exciting feeling of knowing that you have different things to show and that they both have a different feel for them,” Anneliese Brashears said. “When people keep coming and watching the show, it’s like ‘hey, we are presenting two different things here that we have been working on for a period of time instead of one single show.”

Along with long showtime, the production crew is also larger than usual and features more acting variation.

“We have a large cast and a bunch of new actors; this will be their first time on stage, so we are just looking forward to entertaining the audience.” Laurel Brashears said.

The Night of the Macabre is simply the beginning for the department’s performers; the theater department would like to note that there is still much more of the year to go as far as events and competitions.

“We will be having auditions for the lip sync battle, a big fundraiser we do for our thespians group,” Laurel Brashears said. “After that, we will shift gears and get ready for the UIL one-act play competition.”