STUCO To Hold HOCO Parade


2021-2022 Lighting of the Star annual event takes place at the HOCO Parade | Photo by Laney Baggio

Mia Perez, Editor

The annual homecoming parade will be held by STUCO Monday at 6 p.m. in the Lipes and Auditorium parking lot with participants and nominees from each club, organization, and program.

“It’s a tradition for all the clubs to come together for school spirit under one symbol of Veterans Memorial High School and do something fun,” Student Council President Summer Bischoff said. “There is so much going on. I love all the dress up days, and the lighting of the star is always the big event. The parade, just to see all the floats and everyone with candy, is absolutely amazing.

In conjunction with their high school counterpart, feeder schools such as Kaffie Middle School and Kolda and Mireles Elementary have been asked to participate in the event as well in order to strengthen overall school spirit and encourage student involvement.

“It takes a lot to put so much together, but working together with all the different clubs and organizations, and having a team on our side, certainly made everything a lot easier.” Bischoff said.

For many of these clubs and organizations, the parade poses as an opportunity to display not only the 60+ nominees elected, but all aspects of student life and interest. 

“Including everyone is the best thing,” Varsity Basketball Coach Billy White Jr. said. “We all know people who aren’t involved in certain organizations – maybe you’re not athletic or you can’t sing or play an instrument, but there are so many clubs offered here that everyone has something they can be involved in. Events like this bring everyone together at the same place at the same time supporting the same cause.”

White’s float for the basketball team is one of the only floats that will be present at the homecoming parade.

“Our parents decided ‘hey lets do a float’ and they got on board,” He said. “That’s another great thing about having everyone involved as well. You get not only school involvement, but community involvement as well through parents and things of that nature.”

Though, each club and organization plans to represent themselves in some form of trailers, posters and decoration and will be competing in three categories: Best decorated, Brightest float, and Most creative. 

“It was difficult to organize the poster-making event and decorations as this is the first time Eco Eagles will be participating in the parade,” Eco Eagles historian Arielle Timtiman said. “Getting everyone to meet and getting the materials was kind of tough, but in the end everything worked out. Our posters look amazing.”