“Disco Go Round” An Outstanding Local Record Store

Bianca Covarrubias , Staff Writer

Disco Go Round is a locally owned record, cd and dvd store in Corpus Christi. With new and used products there’s a story and meaning to everything a customer holds leaving the store. Buying from this record store  is an experience that truly enlightens me any time I go.

Walking into the store you are kindly greeted by the staff, who always make sure that you find what you need, and if what you need is unavailable they try their best to meet your needs. With how good their communication is, it gives opportunities for connections to be formed and having a true understanding of what a buyer wants. Local shopping is filled with local retailers, you create a sense of self-image that helps define the community. This business brings a radiating feeling of acceptance, creating a reason for other shoppers to visit this place.



The diversity of music when it comes to this store is truly remarkable and impressive, that you could spend hours going through everything and still not finish. Always leaving with a smile, the feeling is unmatchable when it comes to buying something. If you’re looking for some new releases or hidden gems Disco Go Round is definitely the place to go.


Located at 4646 Everhart Rd, Disco Go Round is the place to go to have a great record buying experience.