Color guard performs annual Spring Show


Viviana Farias

A color guard performer performing with the band at a football game halftime show

Daniel Botello, Assistant editor

The color guard has just hosted its spring show for 2022 last week. 

“This year’s spring show happened on the 17th of may and we performed on the auditorium stage,” guard member Taylor Garrett said. 

The spring show is a showcase of the color guard’s new routines and dances they could possibly use for next year’s football and marching seasons. 

“Spring show is a group of performances including solos, duets, and ensembles put together by our guard to show off our skills, and to have fun,” Garrett said.

 Routines ranging from solo performances, duets, and ensemble performances were done. There was even a full team routine done at the end of the show to introduce the new twirlers on the guard for next year. 

“Many ensembles were performed along with duets and solos, we all communicate with each other to figure out what shows we would like to put on,” Garrett said.  “This year our ‘newbies’ that are incoming next year got to perform their audition routine, and at the end of the spring show everyone performed an ensemble that is choreographed by our choreographer Mrs Lopez.” 

With these new routines and cheers, the color guard is prepared to head into the 2022-2023 football and marching season. With performers participating in after school practices and summer rehearsals with the band as well.

“Spring Show also allows us to continue practicing with flag work and can really help keep focus on priority of learning and keeping track of routines,” Garrett said.