Harry’s House Review: Harry Style’s Third Solo Album

Bianca Covarrubias, Staff Writer

The highly anticipated album from Harry Styles titled “Harry’s House” is finally here, extending an open hand in his creative vulnerable view of love and pain, Style’s truly reaches a level of connection between lyricism with low and upbeat tempos.


Charm and personality flow effortlessly through the album, telling a story with its own self-awareness. Throughout these thirteen tracks, it feels as though it’s a conversation in a lyrical form, presenting the idea of romance in a hopeful and delicate dialogue. Style’s doesn’t just reflect on past relationships but, reminisces his past self with the pain either caused or felt in an equal way. 


With all these lyrical meanings, this is still an album you could dance around to, with its upbeat tempo and a feeling of freedom radiating from the lyrics. With “Grapejuice” Style’s views the end of a relationship, claiming how it was perfect but it’s off his mind, later in the track admitting how thoughts still pound through his head from time to time “You’re always there, so don’t overthink, I’m so over whites and pinks” showing how processing doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. 


 As Style’s displays his growth and views his faults, on track seven “Matilda” he puts himself in an observer position. “You don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up…they won’t hurt you anymore as long as you let them go” showing compassion for a friend while reassuring them that their past pain doesn’t define their future. Defining the meaning behind the whole album of how vulnerability can be viewed as art, and not necessarily a bad thing. 


Embracing who Style’s is, in his sound and vocals grasps a natural and real feeling. “Harry’s House” is a greatly produced, written, and performed album. Putting a fragile narrative into a breezy upbeat album, giving a sound of embracing freedom and his listeners an opportunity to be comfortable and reinterpret it as time goes on. Leaving this record’s effectiveness enduring.