2022 yearbooks finished and on sale


Daniel Botello

Cover of the 2021-2022 yearbook

Daniel Botello , Assistant editor

As the school year comes to a quick close with 2 and a half weeks left to go, the yearbook team has finally finished the long awaited 2021-2022 yearbook.

“They’re $85 and we start taking orders today during power hour, I believe,” staff member Ava Reyes said. 

Yearbooks have been selling since the beginning of the school year and the staff is excited for people to see this years theme. Entitled “Morphed”, the staff says that its supposed to reflect the transition back to in person learning from virtual. 

“Aiden Perales, one of our staff members came up, with that theme and its sort of morphing into a regular year since quarantine was not such a regular year,” Reyes said.

So now after a full school year of taking pictures and making the yearbook, the staff is getting a head start on next years yearbook, and even compiling a little treat for the seniors of 2022. 

“The yearbook took a little more than half of the year,” Reyes said. “We definitely missed a lot of deadlines but were done. Right now the team is working on a video for seniors to look at in the cafeteria and were thinking of theme projects for next years yearbook. We haven’t really done a lot of planning for next years book but we usually decide on something during the summer, then we come to school and make it.”