Harry Style’s Releases New Single After 2 Years

Bianca Covarrubias

Global pop star Harry Styles is back, after Grammy winner album “Fine Line” with a new type of impression with new lead single “As It Was”. Having high expectations from previous albums and singles, Styles never fails expectations with beats, lyrics, music videos, and outfits. 

Styles has taken many different paths since parting from pop-sensation band One Direction. From smash hits like “Sign of The Times” and “Watermelon Sugar” Styles tends to go more in-depth with lyrics than tempos, singing with a hushed tone throughout the song with penetrating lyrics. “You know it’s not the same as it was”, stating the obvious feeling of life but constantly repeating it throughout the song needing reassurance on this fact. With such a summerly happy upbeat tempo, the lyrics show shielding from one’s own feelings, making it feel like a piece taken out of a Style’s own diary.  

Even though styles has had the spotlight on him for over 10 years, “As It was” makes out a new type of style perceiving attention like a new upcoming artist. Setting the new “Harrys Home” era, fans can definitely tell that this isn’t anything like Style’s Sophomore album “Fine Line”. 

With such simplistic lyrics, they can make you overthink or see the realization that was there all along. “Harry you are no good alone, why are you sitting at home alone.” breaking the fourth wall through lyrical momentum, Styles shows how being very self aware of a situation doesn’t mean you will fix it or grow from it. 

People can deep dive into the lyrical meaning or simply dance out to the song, and that’s what’s fun with Style’s more mainstream music is that you can feel different emotions depending on the situation, making yourself feel heard through his music. “As It Was” is a very self-defining moment for Styles.