Wallows Exceeds Exceptions With New Album

Bianca Covarrubias

Wallows new sophomore album “Tell Me That It’s Over” is constantly lively and ceaselessly beats expectations in the “alternative/indie pop” scene. Bringing a new image and mindset to the band, Wallows really shows emotion and heartache through this record.


Starting the album off with “Hard To Believe” it sets off a lingering feeling felt through the tracklist. “Tell Me That It’s Over” still fits into the spring and summer feel the group always accomplishes. They grasp the feeling of finding how to let go of uncertainty while being tired of grasping onto hope that might not even be there.


Calling this album romantic is an understatement. Taking almost every torturous romantic feeling felt by someone to a lyrical form. From feeling like flying, to those weak at the knee moments, showing how heartbreak truly can make you question your whole purpose. But when they’re singing of being stupidly in love with the wrong person, then facing the consequences of their actions, this album brings the feeling of carelessly falling for someone feel so graceful. 


Even with some of its upbeat flow the members of Wallows get vulnerable with their writing, showing a side their fans have never seen before. Communicating passion, they try out new flows that please the human ear. In year’s time, this will definitely be a hard album to beat in the future. Everything seems to fulfill the fans’ hopes; Dylan, Cole, and Braedan dig deep into their broken hearts and come back with this sense of bliss. 


Mixing pop/indie charm with bare feeling, the band really shows their true authentic selves in this album, as in “Guitar Romantic Search Adventure”, which was the best choice to close this album, ends in peace but still with some uncertainty; as the band is showing with their image. You can tell “Wallows” are still trying to find out who they are and what they want to become but one thing you know for sure is they are not leaving people’s music listening history anytime soon.