TOKC Hosts Pie-A-Thon


Teacher being pie’d by student. Photo by Derek Torres

Zachary Roberts, Staff Writer

Last month Triumph Over Kids with Cancer held a pie-a-thon to raise money for the organization. The event occurred during power hour where students bought pies to slam into some of their teachers faces.

“We had a great turnout,” said Zara Borkowski, junior and president of TOKC. “Lots of kids were eager to buy tickets and weren’t afraid to pie their teachers.”

Each pie was $5 and the event raised over $2,400 that will go to fund pediatric cancer research.

“That money will be put to good use thanks to TOKC,” said Michaela Dickson, junior and vice president of TOKC.

Numerous teachers and coaches volunteered to be pied including Mr. White, Mr. Lugo, Mrs. Maza, Ms. Brown, Mr. Athey, Mrs. Benavides, Mr. Bourdreau, Mr. Garza, Coach Uptergrove, Coach Arvin, etc.

“In total we had 27 teachers and coaches volunteer which is great,” Borkowski said. “I was frankly surprised so many people wanted to be pie’d during school.”

TOKC was founded in 2006 by James A. Ragan, who as a victim of pediatric cancer, saw first hand the lack of federal funding that is delivered to pediatric cancer research. The foundation’s mission is to improve the “lives of children with cancer by raising their spirits, raising public awareness, and funding research to improve the treatment and survivability of pediatric cancers.”