Counselors hold TSI essay workshop

Daniel Botello, Assistant Editor

The counselors have announced a prep camp this week for all students taking and re-taking the essay portion of the TSI. In this course, they will go over how to write the essay and how the essay will be graded and scored.

“The workshop is this Wednesday, March 30th in A116, which is the counseling center. ” counselor Sarah Baumgartner said. 

The essay is graded through a testing software, so the counselors will be sharing tips on how the system works and how to ensure a good score. 

“You will get tips and tricks on how to pass the TSI writing essay,” Baumgartner said. “TSI writing is a little bit different than writing a formal essay to your teacher, as a computer grades the essay for the TSI.”

Though the workshop is made strictly for help and preparation for the essay portion, there is a workshop that students can take that can give them further help on other portions of the test as well.

“There is a boot camp happening on Thursday that you can enroll in for free during the school day which will be the help that you receive for the other portions of the exam,” Baumgartner said. 

For more information on TSI dates, study material, or the test itself students can visit Mrs. Huff in the College and Career Center, the counselors in their offices, or the counselors café during power hour. 

“If you need help with study material or additional info scheduling with Mrs. Huff would be the thing to do because she runs the TSI,” Baumgartner said.