Student Council announces new officers


Piper Carlson

TM meet | Photo by Piper Carlson

Daniel Botello , Assistant editor

Before Spring Break, the Student Council sent out a canvas survey for the student body to elect their new officers for next school year. The following people were elected as officers for next year. 

Summer Bischoff- President

Addison Hermano Friday- Vice President 

Daniel Botello- Corresponding Secretary 

Kacey Nguyen- Reporting Secretary

Emily Alba- Historian

Témoc Zamora- Reporter

Jaylen Rosales- Treasurer

Johnny Nguyen- Parliamentarian 

“We have a good variety of officers for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, we have a variety of students from freshmen to seniors which can be really good for us to reach out to their grade levels and see what can be changed or added to our school,” STUCO sponsor Tatum Hagen said. 

These students will be observing and training this year in preparation for their jobs next year, but as of right now they will not be official officers just yet. 

“For the rest of the year these new officers will be transitioning into their new roles, they will follow the current officers in their positions to see what they currently do so that the new officers know exactly what to do whenever the year starts next year,” Hagen said. “I’m expecting great things, new ideas, and new ways to do things. I’m excited”