“SHIPWRECKED” Sailed Expectations

Bianca Covarrubias, Staff Writer


This performance of “Shipwrecked ” is VMHS’s official entry into the 5A UIL One Act Play Contest, where the talented cast took all ages on a journey filled with adventure. Recreating the delights  of nineteenth-century humor and  entertainment with a modern twist, Donald Margulies’ “SHIPWRECKED” offers self-encouraging  information and persuasion.


With senior Troy Jones as the lead, taking the imaginative role of “Louis de Rougemont” I truly would believe every word out of his mouth. The actors take this play and create a wonderful wealth of self expression that keeps even three to five-year-olds captivated and engaged during the play. You can very much see the decaditon the cast and crew put into this production. The jokes are funny, clean and showered throughout the play keeping the audience laughing throughout. 


Regarding theatrics, Louis’ “30” year adventure is so brilliantly brought to life by the actors that no fancy special effects are needed. The audience can simply let their imagination run wild and be captivated by the story and how they might relate to it. 


The audience is left to judge whether the lead man is an inspirational figure touched by imaginative genius or a mere con man. We can also consider the possibility that the hero of this true story based on an untrue story is a little of each.