Band participates in UIL solo and ensemble competition


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Band group photo

Daniel Botello , Assistant Editor

Last month, the band class took a trip to TAMU Kingsville where they competed in the UIL solo and ensemble competition, where students had the choice to play either a solo by themselves or an ensemble with a group of people. The students who scored a 1 will be advancing to the state solo and ensemble competition later in the year. 

“This means that they worked hard to qualify and meet all of the qualifications to compete at the high level state competition in Austin,” band director Eric Lara said. “The scores varied from first division, second division, and third division  so there’s not an exact number but we were informed that the band qualified to go to the state competition in May.”

Before state competitions, students will be able to change their solo or ensemble to have something new to play for state. Or if they prefer, they can stick with their solo or ensemble or add a solo or ensemble to their performance. 

“Some people may change the music that they play, but the majority of people however will most likely stay with what they have now,” Lara said.

Until the competition date arrives however, students will be practicing and participating in rehearsals to perfect their ensembles and solos to ensure a victory at state.

“We’re going to continue to work and refine music and measures, isolate trouble spots, and work on big reps to achieve musical clarity and cleanliness,” Lara said.