Eagle Academy


Daniel Botello

The flyer with the eagle academy dates and times found on canvas and social media

Daniel Botello , Assistant Editor

As school curriculum gets more difficult for students to learn, and sickness levels rise, absences increase. Many students have missed or failed a six weeks and need credit recovery and hour recovery. But luckily, the staff has come up with a solution with this problem. 

“It’s always a good idea to have time outside of the normal school day to have additional enrichment and tutoring availability for kids who may need to complete APEX courses, credit recovery, or attendance hours outside of the school day sort of in a chunk,” Assistant Principal Tamara Ritchie said. 

It’s called Eagle Academy, and it’s an intercession program where students can make up class hours and credit during intercession. 

“It can be used for attendance, and it can used for students who need to complete an APEX course,” Ritchie said. “But it can also be used for enrichment students, UIL academic students and credit recovery.”

The program will be during every intercession and select weekends, and students can check on the latest schedules online. 

“Flyers should go out on twitter, students can see them on a canvas blast and they should also go out during the parent announcements,” Ritchie said. 

The next Eagle academy will be tomorrow, Saturday, February 26 in the rotunda.