Lady Eagles Basketball to Play Cedar Park


Vets v. King

Mia Perez, Editor

The Lady Eagles Basketball team will take on Cedar Park at the next Regional Tournament tomorrow, following their 60-32 win at McAllen High School as well as their securing of an Area championship title. These accomplishments, Coach Roy Delapena says, are a couple of many achievements made possible through hard work and dedication. 

“I think it starts with our four seniors,” he said. “We have great leadership captains and our seniors have been with this program for four years. They’ve done everything we ask them to do.”

The discipline the team has cultivated is only part of the reason why they are so successful. The team prides itself on its ability to work together to perform well, allowing them to communicate with each other on the court. This unique bond is proof of 37 wins and 2 losses it’s entire season. 

“We play as one team,” Delapena said. “We don’t have individual players, and everyone has a special role. Everybody accepted their role, and I think that’s why we’re good.”

Every team faces challenges that call for struggle. The team’s continuous ability to thrive and continue to work past that struggle, however, is what sets it apart from competition. Practice for the team is year-long. Strength and conditioning, and tournaments in the summer, as well as daily lifting and practice, have been a commitment the team has made in order to improve on themselves despite any setbacks they might encounter. 

“Honestly, we’re a small team height-wise, but we still manage to play good defense and get a lot of rebounds,” senior Katelen Brooks said. “Both losses only add up to 4 points – the rest we’ve won all season.”

As the team prepares for it’s regional tournament tomorrow, they express confidence that they will return with yet another win. 

“We’re going out there to win the game” “it’s going to be difficult and tough, but I think we’re prepared and we’re ready.”