Student Council Blood drive


VMHS yearbook staff

A blood donation bus where donors can go to donate blood

Daniel Botello, Assistant editor

Yesterday, the student council held a blood drive for students and faculty. 

The drive lasted from 9-4 and was located in a blood donation bus outside of the school in the front parking lot. Sign up sheets were available for students in the front office along with food for participants after they donated. 

“The bus was there from 9 to 4 and we had about 67 units of blood that were donated,” student council sponsor Tatum Hagen said. 

Although some people donated, the organizers said that the drive wasn’t very successful, due to the number of donations not meeting their expectations.  

“I’d say it wasn’t very successful due to the low amount of sign ups and we believe fears of COVID,” Hagen said. 

Donating blood is one of the most important and helpful things a person can do, as not only does the person who donated get credit for their donation, but they possibly saved a life as well. Another drive will be scheduled soon, so if you missed it you have another chance to donate. 

“The next drive will be on March 2nd right here in the parking lot at Vets,” Hagen said.