Principal reinstates power hour


Aiden Perales

The campus and students during power hour

Daniel Botello, Assistant Editor

The power hour bell schedule

Breaking news this week as principal Scott Walker has just reinstated the long awaited power hour schedule. After a week long absence, the schedule that is beloved by by the entire school community has finally returned after students convincing Walker with letters and even an online petition.

“I think the decision of bringing back power hour was highly influenced by our students. When we made the decision to revoke the power hour privileges that we had earlier in the year I received a lot of feedback from students expressing their feelings towards power hour and the advantages and opportunities it gives them, and when we truly evaluate power hour as a whole it helped us to make the decision to go ahead and reinstate it because it’s so valuable to so many students. ” said Walker.

Walker has also talked about future consequences for rising student conflicts and students abusing power hour.

“Any student that has a behavioral incident of any type has those privileges revoked for that particular student, so that we can ensure that everyone has access to these wonderful opportunities that power hour provides.” Walker said.

In his interview, Walker also talked about some future changes to power hour and discussed what the future of power hour holds for the students.

“I think power hour is always evolving, and it isn’t a one size fits all sort of teaching schedule, so I could see some changes coming to power hour in the near future.” Walker said.