Therapy dogs visit campus during power hour


Daniel Botello, Assistant editor


Wednesday during power hour, therapy dogs paid a visit to the campus. They were in the counselor offices and students were able to sign up to pet and see them.

“The therapy dogs were brought to the campus to provide support for our students who needed to just be with the dogs, pet the dogs, and cuddle the dogs. It gives them time to calm their thoughts, and provide emotional support,” counselor Amanda Castaneda said.

These dogs were a huge success in helping student’s mental health. In fact, some students would like for them to come back in the future.

“The dogs were very good,” Marina Kuck said. “I’d like for them to become a regular thing and for them to come back again sometime, because they’re good for kids who have bad mental health and they can comfort them.”

Even the counselors agreed that the dogs were a big help with mental health, as they saw noticeable improvements in students emotional state.

“The dogs are very well mannered and very well behaved, so they’re not going to jump on them or hurt them in any way they will come to their lap,” Castaneda said. “They‘ll allow students to pet them, hug them, cuddle them, and provide a safe place and safe environment for them and make the students feel good, and feel loved and protected.”

As the students requested, the counselors are delighted to say that the dogs will be coming back on a regular basis.

“Yes we will be doing it in the future, were trying to make a partnership with the owners and have the therapy dogs come to visit once every six weeks,” Castaneda said.