Practicing with a Purpose

Allyson Hein, Staff Writer

Eagle baseball rang in the new month by officially starting their 2020 season and having their first practice Jan 31. 

The Eagles will go into their season being ranked number two in the state, but to them rankings aren’t what’s important. 

“We really just want to go and earn that state ring and have a lot of fun with each other along the way,” senior varsity pitcher Matthew Krall said. 

After making state two years ago, they ran into the situation that left a chip on their shoulder: getting eliminated in round two the year right after. 

“It was definitely crushing,” junior first baseman Daylan Pena said. “It motivated us more than anything though, and gave us fuel to add to the fire.”

Though this left feelings of disappointment, the team is ready for this new year and are gearing up for another hopeful Round Rock run. 

“We go into practice with a game mentality every day,” senior shortstop JT Zepeda said. “Knowing our goals, we’re ready to go out there and earn it.”

A mixture of boys with plenty of playoff experience and some with none, they’re ready for the inevitable ups and downs baseball season brings. 

“During our long season, it’s just important for us to keep a right head on our shoulders,” Pena said. “Staying mentally and physically strong as team.” 

Offseason was nothing but lifting, sprinting, and working out, and to them, that definitely set the tone going into their first week of practice. 

“We really like to embrace the underdog mentality,” Zepeda said.

Their first scrimmage will be Feb 12 against Eagle Pass High in Jourdanton,TX.