Swimming to the Top


Allyson Hein, Staff Writer

Senior swimmer Summer King punched her ticket to state qualifying for the 200 yard freestyle relay and the 400 yard freestyle relay on Feb 1 at the natatorium during the regional meet.

Qualifying is no easy feat; competing against the best requires extensive training. 

“A lot of hard work goes into it, all throughout the year,” King said. “The biggest part of competing is your mindset.”

Big meets also bring big nerves, but King didn’t let it drown her mind.

“I always make sure to stretch really well, eat a good meal, get good rest, even more before this meet,” she said. “That’s just as important as the race itself.”

King’s practically been swimming since she was a toddler, and didn’t realize the huge impact it’d end up having on her life years down the road.

“I really started getting into it with my coach Dean and the high performance aquatics club,” she said. “That’s really what’s made me the swimmer I am today.”

This day held much more than it seems though. Not only was Feb 1 the day she made her last regional swim meet appearance, but the anniversary of her father’s death five years prior.

“I just feel like he was really there in spirit with me and was cheering me on at the best seat of the house,” King said.

Now having one last meet of her high school career, King is ready to conquer. 

“I’m really aiming to get the best times I can,” she said. “Getting into finals is the big goal.”

The state meet will take place in two weeks in Austin, TX.