Swimming to Victory

The Sharyland Invitaional Swim Meet

Bethany Trevino, Staff Writer

On January 17, 2020 the VMHS swim team made their way to Mission, TX to compete in the Sharyland Invitational.

“The swim meet went well,” Junior, Matthew Schawe said.

Both boys and girls teams came out on top and finished in first. The girls team won by 6 points with a total score of 220 points while the boys team won by 66 points with a total score of 281.

“We we’re working into this year going to lose to the top other two teams, so it’s pretty all right that we did what we were expected to do.” Schawe said.

Team member Jade De La Rosa was very pleased with the score that the girls team was able to obtain during the swim meet.

“I was really happy with the score we got.” De La Rosa said.

There’s boys team captain, Matthew Schawe was also pretty satisfied with the score they were able to receive.

“Of course I was satisfied with the scores we received.” Schawe said.

The swim team is set to compete at the regional swim meet this weekend on Saturday February 1, 2020. This meet will give swimmers the chance to move on to the state swim meet that will be held in Austin.

“I do hope that some of us are able to get to state,” Schawe said. “We are seared to go to state so we should be able to make it.”