VMHS Blood Drive

Arianna Stephens, Staff Writer

The Student Council held a blood drive organized by the Coastal Bend Blood Center last week on Thursday, January 16.

The Coastal Bend Blood Center gets an average of 35,000 donations every year. For this certain blood drive, the coastal bend center was in urgent need of O+ blood type.

“I was glad to give my blood this time around since the last time I couldn’t,” Senior, Isabella Gonzalez said.

Although many people gave blood, a significant amount of people could not. There are many restrictions when it comes to giving blood and they can deny you at any point.

“They told me my blood pressure was too high and sent me back to class,” Senior, Victoria Bonczewski said.

Another student was denied for not eating enough protein in her breakfast. They deny some students because of health reasons and the risk of fainting.

“I have been denied before but this time around I was able to give blood,” Gonzalez said. “Although it did give me a bruise after.”

When I asked the students why they wanted to give blood there were different responses. 

“If I am being honest I want the chord given at the end of the year,” Bonczewski said.

Graduating seniors are able to receive a red cord when they donate blood 3 times or when someone else has donated blood 5 times on their behalf. Many students try and get this chord because they want to be decorated when they walk the stage. 

“I hope I will be able to donate blood the next time around,” Bonczewski said 

You can sign up for the next blood drive in the cafeteria the day before. The next time you can give blood will be March 17th.