TMEA All-State Choir

VMHS Choir Students Audition for the TMEA All-State Choir


Bethany Trevino, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 14, 2020, the VMHS Choir students auditioned for a spot in the TMEA All-State Choir. 

Despite the fact that the auditions are highly competitive 5 of our VMHS Choir students came out on top and made the TMEA All-State Choir. These students include Ashlei Fletcher, Arissa Perez, Merick Leal, Natalie Rogers, and Jarius Cayabyab.

“I got fourth chair.” Senior, Ashlei Fletcher said.

The students involved have been practicing hard for these auditions. They’ve put in a lot of practice hours and spent a lot of time preparing for this audition.

“I’ve had the music since around June so, so I’ve been practicing since June.” Fletcher said.

Practicing was a big factor in preparing for this audition. There are certain methods and techniques that students find work for them.

“I just practice at home by myself and I record myself and I listen to myself afterwards and I’ll be like “ok, I did this” or “I didn’t do this” and I’ll fix it,” Fletcher said. “Then I’ll practice in front of the choir director and she’ll also help me.”

This audition was a very nerve racking and exciting thing to experience for the students.

“I was extremely nervous,” Fletcher said. “I get very anxious and I was like freaking out.”

In the end, the fact that the auditions were over brought relief to those who were stressed about it. 

“I was relieved,” Fletcher said. “I’ve been practicing for so many months and it’s finally over, I can breathe now.”