Let’s Compete!

Speech and Debate Competes in a Two day Swing Tournament.

Bethany Trevino, Staff Writer

On December 6, 2019 the VMHS Speech and Debate team competed in a two days Swing tournament at McMurray university in Abilene Texas.

“It was good, it was a travel tournament so it’s different than all the other ones.” Senior, Linnear Brashears said.

The tournament the students competed in was an out of town tournament, which was a good experience for all of the students involved.

“It was good because it was a different experience than the ones that you would get on a regular Saturday tournament.“ Brashears said.

The students competed against kids from 41 other school and I were still able to pick up a lot of state qualifying points.

“Because there were two tournaments I placed fourth in informative speaking,“ Brashears said. 

Students competing gain points through their placing and they need 12 total points in order to advance and qualify for state.

“Once you get 12 points from your overall total can you qualify for state.” Brashears said.

Although the competition process is hectic students are still able to find some downtime to do whatever they need to do.

“Between rounds and stuff I do homework and I do stuff for other classes and just things I need to get done,“ Brashears said. “Or I take a nap.”

This tournament was a success and many VMHS Speech and Debate students were able to earn points and there will also be many more opportunities throughout the year for the students who participate in Speech and Debate to gain points that will help them qualify for state.