New Additions to Starline

VMHS Starline Tryouts.

Arianna Stephens, Staff writer

Recently the VMHS Starline held tryouts for the upcoming 2020-2021 year on Thursday,  November  21st.

“It’s a four day process total throughout the week,” Starline coach, Ms. Brown said. 

Those trying out would be learning the routine and going over specific techniques on Monday and Tuesday. After the routines are learned they are then judged and cuts are made. 

“On Wednesday we had a mock tryout which was very informal and gave an idea of what to expect,” Brown said.

More cuts were made on Wednesday during the mock tryout. This gave all of the people auditioning an idea of what they should be expecting for the real tryout that would be taking place the next day. 

“Thursday was the formal audition where they were in groups of 4-5 and auditioned in front of impartial judges,” Brown said. 

The formal auditioning day was nerve wracking for the remaining students. However, the mock tryout really helped prepare them. After the auditions their scores were tabulated by the judges and decisions were made.

“The amount of new people added is from about 15-20 and we will be losing 14 seniors, “Brown said, “which means we will be losing experience and leadership.”

Although they are losing seniors who have experience, they will be gaining new members who will bring new light to the team.

“I think next years team is going to be very dedicated and hard working,” Brown said.

These tryouts gave students the opportunity to interact and work with others who have the same interests.

“I believe we are going to have very good chemistry,” Brown said, “like people will feel the desire to talk and help each other.”

There are high expectations for next years Starline line up. The VMHS Starline team line up for next year are expected to be able to work well with each other and hope to inspire others.

“I believe it is going to be a very strong team in both the dance aspect and also building a positive community,” Brown said.

The Starline team this year has very positive energy and they show it off in their dances. The team that is put together for next year is expected to hopefully have the same or even more positive energy than the team this year.