Band Pre-UIL Contests

Bethany Trevino, Staff writer

The VMHS band has spent months, weeks, days, and hours preparing themselves and their show for the multiple pre-UIL contests they would be competing in during the month of October.

 “It’s called To Show Your Strength” Junior, Darcy Stinemen said.

The show that the band has been working so hard to put together is about a competition between light and dark. The movements in the show portray how the competition between light and dark progresses, how the light wins in the end, and how the win is being celebrated. It also shows aspects of how people build walls to protect themselves and how they hide themselves from the outside world. 

“We competed in the Cross Roads marching festival in Robstown and the Bay Area marching festival in Calallen.” Senior, Marcus Silva said.

During the contests the VMHS band competed against a multitude of schools and achieved a lot of awards for their efforts. 

“In Robstown we competed against 36 bands and in Calallen we competed against 19” Silva said.

In Robstown the band received 1st place 5A colorguard and 5A percussion, 2nd place 5A Drum Majors, 1st place 5A Band, and 2nd place 5A Band overall. In Calallen they received 1st place 5A colorguard and 5A percussion, and 2nd place 5A Drum majors, 5A Band, and 5A Band overall.

“It’s a great opportunity to go to these other competitions before the real one to see what we can do and how we can do better” Stinemen said.

These pre-uil contests are a good opportunity for the band to get their show ready for the UIL contest that would be taking place on October 19, 2019.