Blaine Majors Feature Story

Arianna Stephens, Staff Writer

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Throughout high school students participate in many extracurricular activities. During these activities, students go on to achieve great things such as competing in competitions and receiving awards.

This is especially the case for senior, Blaine Majors as he is really passionate about band and takes his saxophone playing seriously. Recently, Blaine competed in the TMEA all state competition and due to his hard work and dedication he received a third chair placement.

“The experience was like no other, competing against other best saxophonist in the state was crazy,” Senior, Blaine Majors said.

Blaine has been playing his instrument since middle school and is very much interested in continuing to play after high school.

“I’ve been playing saxophone for seven years,” Majors said.

When Blaine first started playing his instrument in middle school he wasn’t sure if he liked the instrument or if he wanted to stay in band. However, he is happy that he made the decision to stay.

“At first I didn’t want to be in band but I am very grateful my mom told me to continue because I love it now,” Majors said.

He finds playing the saxophone something that brings him happiness and nothing can top the feeling of when he’s play.

“I love playing the saxophone, nothing else can give me the same feeling as when I am playing,” Majors said.

Before the competition Blaine had set a goal to at least practice for a couple hours a day to get prepared for when the days comes. Although some days were tough to practice because he couldn’t fit in the time.

“I tried to practice a couple hours a day with the exceptions of some days where I couldn’t because of timing,” Majors said.

During the competition he was really excited and pumped to be competing against other saxophonists from the state. Blaine felt honored to even be there and was happy with his placing but felt he could’ve done better.

“Feels really good to be in an all state ensemble but I feel like I could’ve done better but still happy with my placing,” Majors said.

This school year he is going to try and get a higher chair placement in the next all state competition.

“I’m going to try and make all state band again and hopefully get a higher chair”

As of now he is working on college auditions to further his musical career to play saxophone after high school.

“I am working on college auditions to get into a good school of music.”

Blaine has accomplished a lot in his musical career and is bound to continue to do great things in the future moving forward.