Students Tackle PSAT/SAT Testing

Allyson Hein, Staff Writer

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Sophomores and juniors took the PSAT Wednesday, October 16 during the school day at Veterans Memorial to gain good practice for the SAT. 

“I think since it’s so close to the actual test it’s really good preparation honestly,” Breana Herrera, Veterans Memorial junior said. “Especially as juniors and college is already in mind, our SAT scores have to be as high as we can make them.”

Meanwhile for the first time, seniors had the opportunity to take the SAT at the school. Not to mention it was for free!

“It’s a great opportunity for our students and I’m really glad our school invested in it,” Alyce Peters, volleyball coach and teacher said.

The time the test was administered was just in time to complete college applications. “It was nice to have one last chance to get our score the highest possible,” Michaela Perales, senior said. “The SAT is a big deal so I’m glad our school decided to take the time and do this for us.”

The school even started a program to help students prepare for the SAT, no matter what grade level, called Eagle U.

“Being just a sophomore I definitely still have this test in mind, and I was glad they included the program,” Ava Martinez, sophomore at Veterans said. 

Now administering the PSAT, SAT (with and without the essay portion), and offering free help to study for them, take time and prepare with the help of Veterans Memorial for your big test now!