Seniors set traditions with senior serve

Cory Utsey, Editor-in-Chief

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In an effort to set traditions for the remaining classes, a group of just over 20 seniors participated in a newly instated event called Senior Serve last Sunday.

Headed by physics teacher Jennifer Medrano, students were tasked with selecting a theme to decorate a table with. They then had to sell 10 tickets to their close family and friends.

The purpose of this event was for seniors to give back and serve their family members who have been supporting them on their journey.

“It was an opportunity for the seniors to do something to show their appreciation for their closest friends and family,” Medrano said. “They were asked to invite whoever meant the most to them.”

In terms of the table decorations, students were asked to choose themes unique to them.

“It was supposed to be decorated in something that was meaningful to them, or something that they liked and showed their personality,” Medrano said.

Besides giving back to those they held dearest, students were able to win money for their tables. Before the event started, judges looked over the tables and chose the top three. The top table was one entitled “A Night at the Oscars”.

“First place prize was $500, second place prize was $300, and third place was $200,” Medrano said.

Additionally, students provided a dessert that went with their theme, as well as an optional gift basket, to be placed in a silent auction that ended when the night did.

“It was an opportunity for them to make some money because if their baskets sold, they would receive half of the money back from the basket,” Medrano said.

As a whole, the event was used as a time for students to connect with their families and friends.

“Senior year is kind of a blur, and this gave the kids an opportunity to hit the breaks and slow down a little bit, and really think about what they wanted to do to show their appreciation for their parents