Student Participates In Science Fair


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Whether  one produced a project for the science fair every year, or watched TV shows and movies where it helps moves along the plot, the science fair has been a familiar part of the lives of students since elementary. This year, one of our students competed at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, Arizona.


Science has inspired fair participant and senior Ibrahim Al-Akash since he was a child.


“My interest in science made me want to do a science fair project,” Al-Akash said. “Science was always my favorite subject growing up, and I think scientific research is the key to solving the world’s biggest problems.”


Al-Akash created a system that will hopefully improve surgery in the future.


“For my project, I developed a novel control system using Nintendo Switch Joycons to speed up learning and improve performance in robotic surgery,” Al-Akash said.


For Al-Akash, the fair  is a place where creativity and innovation meet to develop a brighter future.


“I have seen projects about drones, smart football helmets, cancer, gene editing, gravity, space, and many more creative projects,” Al-Akash said. “The project that impacts me the most was the football helmet project because I am in football and I’ve seen many players get concussions and can’t play.”


On the other hand, the experience was not strictly educational.


“The experience is more fun than I expected,” Al-Akash said. “There are many parties and fun activities we get to do. We even got to see a Diamondbacks baseball game.”


Al-Akash realized that nothing can stop innovation and advancement from this experience.


“I take the lesson that nothing is impossible,” Al-Akash said. “You don’t need millions of dollars to help make the world a better place. You don’t need the most advanced equipment to do impactful research. Many of these projects were done at home without any lab equipment and the students were still able to find solutions to detecting cancer.”