Eagles Dance The Night Away

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Dancers had an opportunity to show off their skills last Friday. The show, entitled Onward and Upward, was sold out.


Ticket sales were enormously successful.


We sold 996 tickets by Thursday evening,” dance teacher Victoria Wilson said.


Audience members found difficulty squeezing through the auditorium rows due to the sheer amount of people in the room.


“My parents actually sent me a video of the line before the show like it was from the auditorium all the way to the athletics doorway,” junior performer Marissa Escobar said.


Money raised from the show  was used to prepare for dance related activities in the next school year.


“The Starline Spring Show is our biggest fundraiser,” Wilson said. “It helps cover the costs of meals for football season, competition, and spring show, transportation, supplies, entry fees for competition, competition accommodation, etc.”


The adrenaline rush of the stage lights had an effect on performers.


It was crazy,” Escobar said. “I was nervous.”


Though stage fright is still a real threat, performers are not able to see the nearly 2,000 eyes.


They darkened the crowd and the lights are so bright on the stage, I can’t really see so I didn’t see my parents at all,” Escobar said.


This year, some dancers were able to do a father daughter dance.


“The father daughter dance was my favorite,” Escobar said.


Audience members probably enjoyed the Finale the most.

“The routine ended with all of Starline on stage, confetti being blasted from the curtains, and a ‘Starline’ banner being lowered from the Grand Drape,” Wilson said.