Athletes Commit To Future College At Signings


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Deciding what to do in college can be the most trying part of high school.  However, a light can be found at the end of the tunnel, if offered a scholarship for  one’s sport. Last week, five students who received scholarships committed their respective schools. Students included: Michael Barrera, Jacqueline Ghent, Fae Gonzalez, Andrew Keene, and Alissa Reyes.


The transition from high school to college can be a big one, especially for sports. In the case of Michael Barrera, the sport is collegiate golf.


“The biggest difference, in my opinion, from a college team and a high school team is how much more work I have to put in to be the best that I can,” senior Michael Barrera said. “Collegiate golf takes a lot more effort to maintain good grades and be on the same time.”


Barrera looks forward to going to places he has never been before.


“I am very excited to continue my career with my new team because I will be traveling the world playing the sport I love,” Barrera said.


According to Barrera, working hard is the key to reaching your goals.


“My advice to any athletes is to have a strong work ethic,” Barrera said. “If you work hard good thing will happen.”


In college-level sports, the athletes involved in them are much more passionate compared to high school athletes.


“I think the major difference between high school track and college track is that, in college track the athletes are there because they actually want to be there,” senior Alissa Reyes said. “A lot of times in high school, kids might run track because their coaches require them to or in order stay in shape for other sports, but those that continue it into college usually have a strong passion for it, which makes the competition a lot tougher.”


For Reyes, she  believes that her future is something to look forward to.


“I feel really excited about starting this chapter of my life because I know that I’ve worked so hard for it and that I’ve done everything I can to make sure I’m at my best,” Reyes said. “So I think that I have positive things coming and will accomplish a lot of my goals next season.”