Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection Tour


Jackson Britt, Staff Writer


   To celebrate the release of their brand new album, Dance Gavin Dance hosted the “Artificial Selection” tour. the show was in San Antonio and had amazing bands such as Hail The Sun, Don Broco, Periphery, and of course, Dance Gavin Dance.

    The first band was Hail The Sun, a Post Hardcore band from Chico, California. They put on the best show out of all the bands in terms of stage energy. They had a six song set branching around many different albums. Lead singer and drummer Donovan Melero not only  jumped around the stage while hitting amazing notes, but he also played the drums with ease while doing throat shredding screams. It all ended with one of their most popular songs “human target practice” and Melero jumping into the crowd and being carried by the crowd.

    After Hail the Sun was the UK alternative/Post-hardcore band DON BROCO. Again, this was another band with amazing energy.Although the music itself wasn’t as good as Hail The Sun, they still put on an astounding show especially during their songs “Everybody” and “T-shirt song.” The best moment  out of the whole set was when the band’s lead guitarist,Simon Delaney, went into the middle of the moshpit and played while the crowd ran around him in a circle pit, which is when the crowd jumps around counterclockwise.

    The last opening band was Periphery, a djent/metalcore band from Washington D.C. Out of all of the opening bands, they had the best music by far.They didn’t have a lot of stage energy like the previous bands, but their interaction with the crowd and music performance was phenomenal. The best moment from their set was when the lead singer Spencer Sotelo called someone out for making them stop their song “Marigold”.

    And after a long wait we got to see one of the greatest bands in the post-hardcore genre- Dance Gavin Dance. They opened up with their opening song off of Artificial Selection “Son Of Robot”.Watching them  showed how much better they were then last year when they opened for post-hardcore band Underoath’s “Erase Me” tour. After Son Of Robot they played Suspended In This Disaster, Summertime Gladness, The Rattler, Count Bassy, Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise, Flossie Dickey Bounce, Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most, Head Hunter, We Own The Night, Man Of The Year, and Evaporate. Their best song performance had to be Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most, because lead guitarist Will Swan always kills that song and it shows off clean vocalist Tilian Pearson’s vocal skills as well as getting vocals from rhythm guitarist Andrew Wells who has an amazing voice, and of course a little nonsensical Jon Mess lyrics thrown in.

    Overall out of all the concerts i’ve been to in my life this was by far the best one, an amazing crowd, amazing music and i left feeling happy that I made the trip.