Students Volunteer At Community Events

Students Volunteer At Community Events

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Volunteers from Student Council and National Honor Society (NHS) went to work this past Saturday  for the clay shoot and the Glow Run.


The Glow Run was an event organized by the It’s Your Life Foundation, a foundation dedicated to encouraging healthy lifestyles.


“It included elementary kids, middle-schoolers, high schoolers, and their parents,” senior Lauren Burdette said. “They were all just gathered together at seven and they were wearing neon and had glow sticks and they were just running around.”


The job of the volunteers was to direct and encourage those running.


“As a volunteer for students council, we were set up at different places on the trail to point them to where to go and cheer them on,” Burdette said.


Volunteers enjoyed the light-hearted nature of the run.


“t was really cool to see all the different age groups just getting together to run and have fun,” Burdette said. “I liked seeing all the age groups together.”


NHS members volunteered to facilitate the clay shoot on a ranch near Mathis, Texas.


“Clay target shooting is the art of shooting a firearm at special flying targets,” junior Eurel Quilacio said. “The clay shoot was sponsored by Junior Achievement of Coastal Bend.”


The job of the volunteers was to make sure everything was safe and fair.


“The volunteer’s jobs were to regulate the safety of the shooters as well as theirs,” Quilacio said. “The volunteers were also in charge of keeping score of all hit clay targets from each individual shooter and making sure the clays were launched into the air in a fair manner.”


The event was educational and a good fundraiser.


“The overall experience was an amazing opportunity for National Honors Society to learn about gun safety and help programs like junior achievement in raising additional revenue for educational programs,” Quilacio said.