Destination Imagination Advances To Globals

Cecilia Avila, Staff Writer

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Destination Imagination is an educational, non-profit program committed to teaching students skills to help them succeed in school. Their previous competition was a scientific challenge where they placed fourth.

The competition was held here at VMHS, with our school hosting about 5,000 students all across the state. Students had to make up an illness. Our DI team’s sickness was called heartbreak syndrome.

“We actually came up with it last year around this time of the month,” sophomore Sriya Chekuri said.

They performed a skit in front of an audience where they used a mechanism that they had made to be used in their skit.

“The mechanism was a model we used to help us explain our illness,” Chekuri said.

The model that they built was a human body,and the idea behind of the illness was that they wanted it to be an illness that people could relate to.

“So our plot was about a high schooler who got his heart broken,”  Chekuri said. “We wanted to make it relatable.”

With our DI team placing fourth and advancing past Regionals, they are welcome to participate in Globals Finals.