Care To Go Bare: Part 6

Josh Aldrich

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Care to Go Bare is the VMHS Newspaper’s first annual campaign, made by high schoolers, for high schoolers. Participants get interviewed and receive an article in the school newspapers featuring their thoughts on various issues. This year is focused on makeup and its correlation with self esteem. These individuals also may receive a photo shoot showcasing their natural beauty and their makeup artistry. This story is a continuation of this series.


A study by The Renfrew Center Foundation shows that at least one in five young girls between the ages of 8 and 18 have negative feelings about their image when not wearing makeup, as well as  the fact that two-thirds of the girls surveyed began wearing makeup between ages 8-13 (seemingly very young compared to past generations). Senior Ava Coronado views it differently.

Coronado first started wearing makeup when her sister suggested she try things like eyeliner and lip gloss, just for fun, and she obliged. She enjoyed it and has now been wearing makeup since the summer before her freshman year, when her sister first tried it for fun.

“My sister was the first one to tell me to try putting on lip gloss, or eyeliner, or little things like that, and the whole aspect of makeup just gradually grew on me” Coronado said.

When speaking on the “societal pressures” to wear makeup, she had a contrasting opinion. “I do go without makeup sometimes, like if I’m going out quickly or around people I’m extremely comfortable with, but I usually wear it, not really due to pressure or anything like that but I enjoy it,” Coronado said. “I enjoy looking good but also the whole artsy aspect; it’s something that I actually have fun doing and I think a lot of people think the same.”

Makeup is not only something that Coronado wears to look nice, but views it just as any art and enjoys taking time to put it on in the mornings.